thinnest profile to hit the market.

available in 5 or 7 bar options.


The NeoPAR™ by Illumitex redefines the relationship between lighting science and the science of growing. This fixture combined with our latest X6 Spectrum offers:

    • Unmatched flexibility by combining an ultra-thin profile with maximum efficiency
    • A new (NEO) way to achieve PAR, maximizing results (yield & quality)
    • Easy installation and arrives fully assembled

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NeoPAR 5

  • Designed for vegetation
  • Up to 2.45 umol/J
  • Up to 735 PPF
  • 45x42x3
  • 25 lbs
  • Fully-assembled

NeoPAR 7

  • Designed for flower
  • Up to 2.28 umol/J
  • Up to 1400 PPF
  • 45x42x3
  • 32.5 lbs
  • Fully-assembled