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1700 PPF. Designed for Greenhouse Applications 1700 PPF. Designed for Greenhouse Applications
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Providing cutting-edge, affordable technology and unmatched support for Canadian cannabis operations. Providing cutting-edge, affordable technology and unmatched support for Canadian cannabis operations. />
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The premier choice provider for LED grow lighting in any Canadian grow operation. The premier choice provider for LED grow lighting in any Canadian grow operation
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“When we made the decision to incorporate LED lighting, we were optimistic that we could continue to grow quality product more efficiently. We were surprised that in the first cycle we saw a mark improvement of resin production. Our plants' bag appeal is the best it’s ever been.”

Casey Connell President - Contender Gardens

“The energy savings from using LEDs made them an obvious choice, and I liked the fact that Illumitex is headquartered in the U.S. But I didn't really realize how much I was going to save on my HVAC systems until it was already done. It’s a huge savings. It’s actually more than the actual energy savings from the light. Also, it’s less risk, not relying on HVAC to keep your plants alive. If your HVAC system goes down, you lose everything. They’re lightweight and easy to move around. They’re not bulky — they look nice in the room. With HID lights, you have so many cords. It's safe to say I'm very pleased with my Illumitex LEDs."

Illumitex LED cannabis grow light
Mark Brinn Sugar Leaf

"The big thing for me was getting rid of our [HPS] lights. Illumitex built for us the scaffolding to apply the lights on, and our team figured out a way to hang them. Between Illumitex giving us a great system and our team manipulating the space, we ended up with a great solution."

Jonathan Cummings Biology Professor, West Virginia University

“It came down to the people at Illumitex. The level of support and the science that we got from their horticulture team was amazing. To have that level of knowledge at our fingertips, just a phone call away, is really important to us and was a differentiator for why we chose Illumitex. Still, the move to Illumitex LED grow lights was a smart one. We're seeing more than 30% savings, and our yields are 25% more than before when we used the fluorescents."

Steven Denenberg FarmedHere

"The quality of the eclipse fixtures is apparent when you see them. They have a sturdy build material that can truly handle anything. The light emitted by these fixtures has also increased the foliage and quality of my product in a way that my customers have taken notice. I am truly happy with what I have received. "

Evan McKay Green Gills

"If you talked to me about LEDs a couple years ago, I would’ve told you that they didn’t work. Illumitex LEDs changed my thinking. The amazing thing about Illumitex LEDs is that we use less energy and attain a higher yield. Using less energy and attaining the same yield is great, but using less energy and achieving a significantly greater yield is a no-brainer. Every one of our new farms will be 100% Illumitex lighting."

Milan Kluko Green Spirit Farms

“We realized, after looking at some of the options, that Illumitex LED lights were at a different level. It’s a very well-made product, and we like the science behind the grow lights. Our electricity use is one-third what it would be using HID lighting. And we don’t have to have expensive, energy-sucking cooling systems, either. We’re proud of our small carbon footprint. Not only that, the plants also respond much better to the LED lights. They branch out more and get more bushy – this allows us to produce more product in a smaller space.”

Patrick Rooney Vashon Velvet

"I purchased the NeoSOL DS around 2015 directly from Illumitex and I must say my yields and quality are superb. The light, I believe, is still years ahead of its time. I bought another light system last year thinking I was upgrading and that was a huge mistake. It doesn’t compare with the Illumitex light and is back in the box. Thank you for creating awesome lights!"

Paul Lewis Master Grower



Digital horticulture is the next wave of transformational value that leverages the intimate relationship between lights and plants, observed by digital technology, to drive new outcomes for our customers. We will continue to break the boundaries of the traditional lighting paradigm to capture visual information on every plant at every moment to provide actionable data that makes a positive impact on your grow. Now available in Canada.