Digital Horticulture

Every Plant. 

Every Moment.

Digital horticulture is the next wave of transformational value that leverages the intimate relationship between lights and plants, observed by digital technology, to drive new outcomes for our customers. We will continue to break the boundaries of the traditional lighting paradigm to capture visual information on every plant at every moment to provide actionable data that makes a positive impact on your grow.

The Technology

There are three major parts to the Digital Horticulture System: Cameras, database, and analytics applications. The technology will capture and store terabytes of data. As no one can look at a small fraction of that many pictures, we are taking advantage of the newest technologies, smart algorithms, and machine learning technology to analyze the images. Through access to a secure user interface, the farmers and growers utilizing the Digital Horticulture systems will own and control their own data. Request a quote to learn more.

Digital Horticulture Details

Illumitex is developing a unique digital scouting platform with high-resolution imaging technology that integrates into any company’s sensor and software system so the data from the grow environment can be correlated and cross-referenced to the plant images. The system can detect plant issues like chlorosis, necrosis, and other deficiencies, as well as plant pathogens, notifying the grower to investigate further. We have been beta testing this technology across multiple facilities over the last twelve months and have been developing specific algorithms and applications around the data. This technology will help growers benefit from the already existing intimacy between lights and plants. While we first want to develop a system that allows a grower to not only capture data but also to digest it into relevant information, plans to expand the technology directly into the lights are in the making.

Horticulture Products

The big thing for me was getting rid of our [HPS] lights. Illumitex built for us the scaffolding to apply the lights on, and our team figured out a way to hang them. Between Illumitex giving us a great system and our team manipulating the space, we ended up with a great solution.

Jonathan Cummings Biology Professor, West Virginia University

I've been using them for years, I was one of the first people to get the basic raw LED fixtures from a project teardown, they have been amazing. I have also purchased fixtures through them and have had amazing results, they save power, I use them for gardening and in my home. The best you can get.

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