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Benefits of LED for Grow Operations

Reduce Energy

Slash your energy costs by using an LED that uses less energy to run and remain cool.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Traditional HID sources contain mercury, lead, and other dangerous elements. LEDs are free of these elements and safe to dispose of.

Meet your plants' needs

Each plant has different needs and as such you need lights that can meet these individually.

Stay Cool

LEDs require less expensive cooling and produce less heat which in turn breeds a healthier crop with mitigated burning opportunities.

Multiple Spectra

It's been proven that plants grow best when under a light that closely mimics the sun's broad spectrum. LEDs accomplish that and have proven results.

Stay Safe

Provide your plant with a safe place to grow indoors in order to be protected from natural disasters such as wildfires or heavy rainfall.

Work Comfortably

LEDs not only provide a safe space for the plants but also for the workers who are farming under the condition of the lights.

Produce Quicker

Growers have noticed an increase in their plant's growth cycle when grown under LED lights.

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