Illumitex Announces NeoPAR Grow Light for Vertical CEA Applications


Illumitex Announces NeoPAR Grow Light for Vertical CEA Applications


The New NeoPAR LED Grow Light Fixture Provides Powerful, Ultra-Thin, Cost-Effective Option.

1.25.2018 | Austin, TX

Illumitex, the Digital Horticulture company, announces the launch of a new line of grow lights designed specifically for vertical operations. This series will have options for every stage of growth, most notably vegetation and flowering.

“Our team has incorporated decades of fixture design expertise and horticulture knowledge into our new platform,” says Jeff Bisberg, CEO of Illumitex. “We understand growers need a solution to maximize and optimize every square foot of their facilities and the entire company is confident this light will be integral in
achieving that goal.”

The horticulture science and engineering teams have designed this LED lighting system to ensure it delivers most relevant PPF output levels, uniformly, while creating the thinnest light on the market. The clear objective of this release is to prove that LED can compete directly with HPS regarding yield, quality, value, and ROI.

The ultra-thin profile gives indoor growers the flexibility to create cost-effective high-density grow configurations without compromising the lighting solution. The enhanced full spectrum is proven to increase results, and the fixture arrives fully assembled, allowing for easy installation.

The NeoPAR LED system also offers world-class efficiency and achieves PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) for all crops, regardless of high or low DLI (daily light integral.) While the light was developed by the renowned electrical engineer team, the horticulture science staff played a large role in ensuring the light would transform the indoor growing space.

“Illumitex has a rich history for game changers and the NeoPAR is no different,” says John Spencer, SVP of Sales and Marketing. “We are solving unique challenges for growers across applications. Throughout the year we’ll be launching additional spectrum covering the lighting gamut from far-red to ultraviolet.

The NeoPAR will be widely available to the public Spring of 2018 in anticipation of the increased number of licensed cannabis cultivators across the United States and Canada. For more information on NeoPAR, go to

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